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Concrete Pavers FAQ

Q: Why don’t pavers crack under normal use like poured or stamped concrete or asphalt?

A: Pavers are manufactured with a much higher density than poured or stamped concrete or asphalt and the interlocking technology has greater load bearing capacity. The joints also serve to relieve pressure that would otherwise crack a concrete slab or wreck asphalt. This flexibility allows the driveway surface to incrementally move with, rather than resist, freeze-thaw cycles.

Q: How easy is snow removal? Can I shovel and use a snowblower or snow plow on a paver driveway?

A: Yes! You absolutely can use a shovel, snowblower and snow plow. There are no issues with this on a properly installed paver driveway. Because of the uniform height of pavers, a properly installed paver driveway offers a smooth surface that won’t snag shovels, snow blowers or snow plows.

Q: What is interlock?

A: In short, it’s the inability of a paver to move independently of its neighbors. It’s the locking of the pavers that causes loads to be spread over a wider area of pavers than where the load was applied. It’s the key to the strength of the pavement system.

Q: How long will it take you to install my new or replacement paver driveway?

A: It varies by job. Usually 2-4 days to remove your old driveway and install a new, beautiful, durable and affordable paver driveway. There is no curing time or additional waiting time.

Q: Should I seal concrete pavers?

A: Sealing is not essential with pavers; however, liquid sealers are available as an option to help make spills and stains easier to remove. Liquid sealers are applied after the pavers are installed and cleaned.

Q: Are there other ways to prevent weeds and ants?

A: We only use polymeric sand in the joints instead of coarse sand. Polymeric sand is brushed into the joints between the pavers, then a light mist of water is sprayed over the entire driveway. The water activates the polymers that bind the grains of sand together creating a solid yet flexible joint. Polymeric sand will not wash out of joints and will maintain its bond season after season even in our harsh climate.

Q: How can I bring out the color of my pavers?

A: Paver Enhancers can be applied to give pavers a perpetual “wet look” that brings out their colors.

Q: How do I remove stains and fix damaged pavers?

A: If the stain is on one or two pavers, replacing them with new pavers is the easiest way. Depending on the style of paver, some can simply be flipped over. Another option is to use a cleaner especially made for removing stains and for overall surface cleaning. Compare this simple, inexpensive solution to what it would cost to replace an entire concrete driveway!

Q: What does it cost to install concrete pavers?

A: Every job is unique. Price can vary based on the amount to be torn out, to the type of paver , to the amount of material needed, to the amount of cuts that need to be made. The best way to find out is to discuss your unique project with one of our professionals. Contact Poseidon Landscaping for a no obligation estimate today. We look forward to working with you on your project!

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