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Like the changing of the seasons, sprinkler repairs are a part of life. Be confident we will act quickly to troubleshoot and repair any problem with your system.


We have helped countless clients with aging or poorly designed system. Most importantly, Poseidon Landscaping offers friendly, helpful service. Contact us today!


                                                             How can we help?

Installation - Sprinkler systems are complex networks of valves, pipes, electrical connections, sprinkler heads and timers. Let Poseidon Landscaping design and install your system with Water Saving MP Rotators.

Sprinkler Repairs - We repair all sprinkler brands in a professional and timely manner. Poseidon Landscaping provides upfront competitive pricing. No surprises.

Sprinkler Winterization - Winter Blowouts - We use compressed air from our self contained trucks to blow out all water in your system and drain the vacuum breaker. You are prepared for winter!

Spring Sprinkler Turn-on - We will turn your system on, check for leaks, adjust all heads for coverage and adjust timer for optimum system performance.

Additional Services - Move heads to accommodate new structures, add/remove drip/sprinkler zone, update old systems, tunnel under sidewalks/driveways, convert manual systems to automatic and much more!

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